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The Internet of Things begins to find its feet

The concept of the smart home has been around for decades. Even before the digital age began, architects and appliance makers were promising lights that turned on automatically and kitchen appliances that, at the touch of a button, could disappear into wall panels when they weren’t needed. Each advance in technology, from computers to the… Read more

Francesco Radicati

Facebook risks alienating its users to grow the reach of its Facebook Messenger app as a platform for communications, content and commerce

Facebook’s decision to remove the messaging capability from its smartphone apps in certain European markets, and to encourage Facebook users in these markets to download and use the standalone Facebook Messenger app, seems explicitly designed to increase the penetration of Facebook Messenger in these European countries. But it is also possible that, with this move,… Read more

Pamela Clark-Dickson

Is LTE set to take a bigger cut of the broadband cake?

For a telecoms analyst vendor briefings can be a bewildering experience. You find yourself in a five-star hotel being treated like royalty with food and drinks on tap and the prospect of a good crack at the hotel buffet dinner later on – it’s all really rather wonderful. The problems come when the presentations start… Read more

Tony Brown