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Author: Andrew Ladbrook

Smart TV today, dumb TV tomorrow: strong Smart TV sales mask the uncomfortable truth

For the smart TV look everywhere but the screen A quick look at Informa Telecoms & Media’s latest Smart TV device forecasts would leave no doubt that Smart TVs are coming. Indeed in 2017 221 million Smart TVs are expected to be sold an increase of over 400% from 2012. And by the end of… Read more

Andrew Ladbrook

Press release: Smart-TV sales will exceed 50 million globally in 2012, but most will remain unconnected

Long lifecycles, fragmented platforms and poor support undermine Smart TVs Over 220 million Smart TV sets will be sold worldwide in 2017, up from the 54 million that will be sold in 2012, according to Informa Telecoms & Media’s latest Smart-TV device forecasts. 31% of households worldwide will own at least one Smart TV in… Read more

Andrew Ladbrook

The TV of tomorrow? Not yet, but stay tuned Google TV has the potential to be a contender

The announcement of Google TV going international was received initially with some excitement. But slowly reality dawned. At £200 (US$310) the device looks expensive, and on further examination of the services currently available – YouTube, Google’s own VOD store and iPlayer the only major services of note – it looks underwhelming. However, as a standalone… Read more

Andrew Ladbrook