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Ismail Patel


Areas of expertise: Fixed-broadband, Internet, next-gen mobile, operator strategy, regional content and digital media, statistical trends.

“LTE networks have launched in all GCC markets, but the main challenge now is to monetize them. As it stands, the 3G-4G step will not be as lucrative as 2G-3G was, and LTE will be used more for retention and churn-reduction purposes. Outside the GCC, the promising markets are Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, where 3G will have a huge impact on data consumption and will tap into new revenue streams, especially given the fact that the addressable market is nowhere near saturation.”

Ismail Patel is a Research Analyst with Informa Telecoms & Media. He is part of the MEA team and focuses on GCC markets and its neighbors, analyzing fixed, mobile and content developments there. As a fluent Arabic speaker, Ismail uses his language experience to track performance, examine strategic developments and analyze ongoing regulatory issues in MENA. His work is used to forecast the next moves in this rapidly-growing region. His country updates are published regularly in Informa’s Middle East and Africa Intelligence Centre, and he gathers operator and technology data that is published on Informa’s leading databases including WTFB, WBIS and WCIS.

Ismail’s areas of interest include benchmarking, the consequences of regulation on fixed broadband, and the impact of emerging technologies on current fixed-broadband investments. He also has a keen focus on how mobile and fixed networks will converge, complement and potentially conflict with each other in the region, and his analysis pieces address the on-going research requirements of industry-insiders and decision makers in the Middle East. Ismail also attends industry conferences and is a regular speaker and chair at key regional Informa events.

Ismail joined Informa Telecoms & Media in July 2010. He taught the Arabic language and lectured on Islamic law for two years at the Tayyibun Institute and Ebrahim College in East London. Ismail graduated in 2007 from Madinah University, Saudi Arabia, specializing in Islamic law in pre-modern and contemporary societies. Prior to his studies in Saudi, Ismail studied for six years in a private baccalaureate course at the Institute of Islamic Education in Dewsbury, UK, specialising in Hanafi law and classical Arabic. He also possesses an LLM degree in commercial and Islamic succession law from the School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London.

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