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Spotify is coming to Russia this fall, is this the end of Vkontakte’s illegal music circulation?

We all know Spotify, it’s a music streaming service, founded in Sweden four years ago, now present in 55 countries with around 24 million active users. For those not familiar with Vkontakte, or VK, it is a Russian social network, usually referred to as a “Russian Facebook clone”. It has approximately 60 million average daily… Read more

Alla Shabelnikova

Gaming and the search for new blue oceans: Nintendo says it can survive without releasing its games library on mobile devices

Most people are unlikely to think of Apple and Nintendo having a lot of similarities. One is a juggernaut in the smartphone and mobile device market, while the other is a videogame manufacturer that has found itself struggling to compete with more advanced, better funded rivals; revenues have declined to around ¥500 billion (US$4.9 billion)… Read more

Francesco Radicati

MWC 2014 Daily Round-up: Day Three

Telefonica expands its role in the connectivity value chain Telefonica Digital’s online security announcement at MWC 2014 today is a great illustration of how telecoms operators in general are looking to carve a position for themselves in the mobile broadband value chain. Telefonica Digital announced that “Latch”, an application that enables users to switch their… Read more

Paul Lambert