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Operator Strategy

Is LTE set to take a bigger cut of the broadband cake?

For a telecoms analyst vendor briefings can be a bewildering experience. You find yourself in a five-star hotel being treated like royalty with food and drinks on tap and the prospect of a good crack at the hotel buffet dinner later on – it’s all really rather wonderful. The problems come when the presentations start… Read more

Tony Brown

TM finally buys P1 – but has it bitten off more than it should?

The long rumoured deal for Telekom Malaysia (TM) to takeover struggling WiMAX operator Packet One Networks (P1) has finally come to reality with TM taking a 57% stake in the operator – but there are still plenty of questions over how much TM will ultimately benefit from the deal. In its statement TM says that… Read more

Tony Brown

APAC’s FTTH king hedges bets with deal

As a telecoms analyst, you have to do a lot of reading – and that means plowing through a lot of stories that eager public-relations executives are desperately trying to pump life into, despite the fact that they contain almost nothing of serious interest whatsoever. (The stories, that is, not the executives – although I… Read more

Tony Brown