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Gaming and the search for new blue oceans: Nintendo says it can survive without releasing its games library on mobile devices

Most people are unlikely to think of Apple and Nintendo having a lot of similarities. One is a juggernaut in the smartphone and mobile device market, while the other is a videogame manufacturer that has found itself struggling to compete with more advanced, better funded rivals; revenues have declined to around ¥500 billion (US$4.9 billion)… Read more

Francesco Radicati

iPad Mini price was right for customers but not for Apple as confirmed by yesterday’s launch

At the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, Apple made several product announcements, including additions to its Macbook range, an upgrade to its PC operating system called Mavericks, advances in its software applications and of course two new iPads. As has become customary for Apple product launches, most of the details and indeed images of… Read more

Julian Jest

Apple launches instalment scheme in China

In a bid to compete with its smartphone rivals in the largest mobile market in the world, Apple has started offering instalment plans for its products in China, the first OEM in the country to do so when selling its own products directly. According to reports, the company has taken this step because it has… Read more

Francesco Radicati

IP&TV 2012 round-up