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AT&T’s Beats Music deal sees another front opening in US operators’ fight for customers

The crowded streaming-music market in the US saw a new entry at the end of January, with the launch of Beats Music from Beats Electronics, the makers of high-end headphones. Much of the press coverage at launch focused on the curated aspect of the service, in which users can generate playlists automatically based on their… Read more

Francesco Radicati

CES 2014: AT&T shakes up data pricing with zero-rated Sponsored Data

US carrier AT&T began this year’s CES as the object of heated debate, when it announced the launch of AT&T Sponsored Data the day before the show began. AT&T Sponsored Data allows companies to subsidize customers’ connectivity costs, effectively providing zero-rated data to customers using their services. The first few takers have been insurer UnitedHealth… Read more

Francesco Radicati

Telcos and APIs: Got an Ology?

British Telecom TV ads of the ‘80s are fondly remembered. Their star, suburban housewife Beattie (geddit?), encouraged a nation to talk. In one famous ad, Beattie comforts her hapless grandson about his dismal exam results. Discovering he’s at least passed sociology, she exclaims: “You get an Ology, you’re a scientist!” Many telecom operators think the… Read more

Camille Mendler