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Gaming and the search for new blue oceans: Nintendo says it can survive without releasing its games library on mobile devices

Most people are unlikely to think of Apple and Nintendo having a lot of similarities. One is a juggernaut in the smartphone and mobile device market, while the other is a videogame manufacturer that has found itself struggling to compete with more advanced, better funded rivals; revenues have declined to around ¥500 billion (US$4.9 billion)… Read more

Francesco Radicati

AT&T’s Beats Music deal sees another front opening in US operators’ fight for customers

The crowded streaming-music market in the US saw a new entry at the end of January, with the launch of Beats Music from Beats Electronics, the makers of high-end headphones. Much of the press coverage at launch focused on the curated aspect of the service, in which users can generate playlists automatically based on their… Read more

Francesco Radicati

CES 2014 Trends: Personalization and integration underlie the user experience

Unsurprisingly, given the show’s name, gadgets were the stars of this year’s CES, as they are every year. But hidden among the 4K TVs, connected cars and wearable devices were a number of products and initiatives designed more around the concept of personalization, working in the background to deliver tailored ads and experiences to customers.… Read more

Francesco Radicati