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Press release: European cloud innovation faltering against North America and Asia

Fewer than one in 10 cloud stakeholders believe Europe is driving cloud-computing innovation Eight out of 10 urge governments to provide more business incentives to use cloud services Europe is losing the innovation race in cloud computing against North America and Asia, according to a new survey from Cloud World Forum and Informa Telecoms &… Read more

Camille Mendler

Where’s the beef in telco SaaS?

Microsoft Office 365  is becoming to telco SaaS what the Big Mac is to fast food. That’s not a health warning, but a fact, based on a 38-country study* of 51 communication service providers’ business SaaS portfolios that I’ve just completed. Microsoft powers an astonishing 51% of these CSPs’ productivity and collaboration offers. Want a SaaS… Read more

Camille Mendler

O2 network outage – still a lot of room for improvement in handling the customer experience

O2’s network outage is now into its second day. Not only is it demonstrating how seriously a problem like this can damage an operator’s business, it is also making it painfully clear how important it is for an operator to be proactive and communicate effectively with all of its customers in a situation like this.… Read more

Francesco Radicati