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Connected TV

CES 2014 Trends: Personalization and integration underlie the user experience

Unsurprisingly, given the show’s name, gadgets were the stars of this year’s CES, as they are every year. But hidden among the 4K TVs, connected cars and wearable devices were a number of products and initiatives designed more around the concept of personalization, working in the background to deliver tailored ads and experiences to customers.… Read more

Francesco Radicati

The Future of TV 2013 survey: What pay-TV operators should do next

Earlier this year we surveyed more than 500 TV executives, covering all regions of the world, and representing all parts of the industry value chain. We wanted to know how they see the industry developing. What keeps them awake at night? Where do they see the best opportunities for future growth? In a wide ranging… Read more

Nick Thomas

IP & TV World Forum 2012: It’s all about social viewing and the second screen

IP & TV World Forum opened this week, attracting vendors and operators from all over Europe and farther afield, and based on conversations with exhibitors and other delegates, it’s clear they’re all working on further incorporating mobile into their offerings. An important topic here is the second screen, which essentially means users playing on their… Read more

Francesco Radicati

Informa at CES

IBC 2011: What we learnt