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Deutsche Telekom

Fon lands mega-deal with DT to continue strong traction with telco partners

  Fon expands its global base of telco partners It’s certainly been a very busy start to 2013 for Fon with a first quarter that’s been characterised by impressive commercial momentum. Today’s joint announcement with Deutsche Telekom at CeBIT follows swiftly on from a partnership agreement announcement with Dutch incumbent telco KPN in late January.… Read more

Thomas Wehmeier

One million users for SKT’s Joyn.T, but is ‘free’ enough to tempt subscribers away from KakaoTalk?

Almost twelve months after Vodafone Spain became the first mobile operator to officially launch Joyn, South Korea’s SK Telecom has announced a fairly impressive 1 million users for its Joyn.T service, just 50 days after it was launched in December 2012. SKT is the first of the seven operators that have launched Joyn services in… Read more

Pamela Clark-Dickson

The Great Game: Vodafone’s Kabel Deutschland buy would remove DT’s leverage

In the eternal chess match that is the German telecoms market, Vodafone may be readying a move to take its king out of check, by buying cable player Kabel Deutschland (KDG). If press reports are accurate, and Vodafone really does buy up Germany’s largest cable provider, it could break out of the fixed-broadband stalemate it… Read more

Francesco Radicati