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The Internet of Things begins to find its feet

The concept of the smart home has been around for decades. Even before the digital age began, architects and appliance makers were promising lights that turned on automatically and kitchen appliances that, at the touch of a button, could disappear into wall panels when they weren’t needed. Each advance in technology, from computers to the… Read more

Francesco Radicati

AT&T Boldly Enters Home Security Market with Digital Life

One of the more ambitious and promising initiatives announced at CES was AT&T’s Digital Life. As the flagship announcement at AT&T Developer Summit, Digital LIfe is an application and services platform that will offer a broad range of services to consumer households including media management, home security services, home energy monitoring and a broad variety… Read more

Andy Castonguay

Only Connect? M2M, the Cloud and Big Data

One petabyte a day: That’s how much data BMW’s Connected Drive cars will generate by 2017 reckons BMW Group IT infrastructure chief Mario Müller. I teased out this statistic while chairing IIR’s Telecom Cloud Services conference this week. As Müller underscored, M2M data will require plenty of processing power – and is a great opportunity for… Read more

Camille Mendler