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PS4 and Xbox One set to go head to head in holidays 2013

Microsoft and Sony released more complete details, including pricing, of their new home consoles in the past day at the E3 conference in Los Angeles. Despite using similar architectures and similarly designed enclosures, the two firms are taking markedly different approaches to their next-generation consoles: Microsoft has already set out a broad TV-centric entertainment agenda,… Read more

Paul Jackson

Where’s the beef in telco SaaS?

Microsoft Office 365  is becoming to telco SaaS what the Big Mac is to fast food. That’s not a health warning, but a fact, based on a 38-country study* of 51 communication service providers’ business SaaS portfolios that I’ve just completed. Microsoft powers an astonishing 51% of these CSPs’ productivity and collaboration offers. Want a SaaS… Read more

Camille Mendler

IP & TV World Forum 2012: It’s all about social viewing and the second screen

IP & TV World Forum opened this week, attracting vendors and operators from all over Europe and farther afield, and based on conversations with exhibitors and other delegates, it’s clear they’re all working on further incorporating mobile into their offerings. An important topic here is the second screen, which essentially means users playing on their… Read more

Francesco Radicati