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AT&T’s Beats Music deal sees another front opening in US operators’ fight for customers

The crowded streaming-music market in the US saw a new entry at the end of January, with the launch of Beats Music from Beats Electronics, the makers of high-end headphones. Much of the press coverage at launch focused on the curated aspect of the service, in which users can generate playlists automatically based on their… Read more

Francesco Radicati

Altel: the one and only operator offering LTE in Kazakhstan… for now.

Kazakhtelecom was the only operator in Kazakhstan to obtain a permission to use LTE frequencies in 2011. And until 2015 its fully-owned subsidiary Altel will have a monopoly on LTE. Other operators took the news with a bit of resentment, given that in 2010 Kcell and Beeline successfully tested LTE in Kazakhstan. But for Altel,… Read more

Alla Shabelnikova

Operators still weighing up the risks and benefits of VoLTE

Despite the growth of mobile data services, voice is still the biggest contributor to mobile operators’ earnings, expected to account for over 60% of global service revenues in 2013. However, declining voice receipts are giving mobile operators pause for thought, especially regarding the future cost of running circuit-switched voice networks in parallel with packet-based data… Read more

Julian Bright