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Telcos: Want to fight OTT? Learn from SNCF’s Olympian bet

All aboard! France’s SNCF wants your cheeks on a seat – but not necessarily on a train. With Olympics trade in mind, the French rail giant just launched a Paris-to-London coach service. Branded idBus, the service claims a four-star experience at a two-star price. An odd move for a global leader in rail transport? It’s actually… Read more

Camille Mendler

Orange blossoms under new leadership

More than €4 billion of ICT budget was corralled in the room as France Telecom Group CEO Stéphane Richard took the stage. The location: Orange Business Live, an annual gathering of the company’s biggest multinational customers, held in Munich. It’s been years since a chief executive of the France Telecom group has publicly addressed this… Read more

Camille Mendler

Warning! Dumb Pipe or Dumb Cloud, Same Danger

Terrified of a dumb pipe future, telecom operators have lemminged to the Cloud. The awful truth: Telcos have just replaced one big problem with another. For the majority, generic, ‘dumb’ cloud services dominate. What’s to differentiate them from each other, or indeed,from their non-telco competitors? Take a guess. Once the cloud’s digital assets are fungible, the only real differentiator becomes… Read more

Camille Mendler