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Congrats Vodafone, but heed Groucho Marx

It’s about time for a shakeup. And for a mere £1 billion (US$1.7 billion) in cash, Vodafone may pull it off. If successful, its bid for Cable & Wireless Worldwide creates nothing less than a new top-tier player in the global enterprise telecoms market. Not least, Vodafone’s move underscores a truth that mobile network operators… Read more

Camille Mendler

Barbarian at the gate: Verizon’s disruptive CloudSwitch buy

Verizon’s buy of innovative startup CloudSwitch is a nasty surprise to those who deny the growing power of telcos in the cloud. After all, who would expect a telco to buy a firm that helps enterprises migrate apps securely to their competitors’ clouds, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Windows Azure? Who’s the barbarian now?… Read more

Camille Mendler

Vodafone plays – and wins – at the long game

Vodafone has successfully navigated the rocky road in the US with the announcement of the £2.8 billion ($4.5 billion) dividend payment it will receive from Verizon. The dividend represents a multi-billion pound vindication for Vittorio Colao and Sir John Bond for steadfastly sticking to their clearly-articulated strategy for maximising shareholder value from Vodafone’s diverse portfolio.… Read more

Thomas Wehmeier